- a Sun Ray 2 ( other models should work but were not tested )
- an operating system supporting Java ( Windows, MacOS X, Linux... )
- a Sun Java Runtime 6 or superior (jOpenRay is not tested on other VMs)

Unzip the content of the jOpenRay archive and voilà.

Start the server
Double click on the jar file ( or from the command line use: java -jar jOpenRay.jar )

Knows limitations
- performance issues under Vista and Windows 7 (mouse pointer managed in hardware only on Windows 2000/XP )
- a refresh issue on the toolbar of d'Internet Explorer under Windows 7
- no sound, encryption and usb support (need more knownledge of the protocol)

Build jOpenRay from source code
The source code of jOpenRay is hosted on google code :

We recommend the usage of eclipse, please follow our quickstart guide.