What is jOpenRay?

jOpenRay is new Open Source project aiming to improve the experience of thin clients administrators & users.

Key features

  • - deploys in few minutes, all you need is Java
  • - works on Windows, MacOS, Linux and Solaris.
  • - provides user friendly interface and tools
  • - displays Windows XP, Windows Server, Windows Vista and Windows 7 desktop (via RDP protocol)
  • - displays MacOS, Linux and Solaris OS Desktop (via VNC/RFB)
  • - 100% developed in Java.

(jOpenRay currently only supports Sun Ray 2 hardware by Sun Microsystems.)


July 21, 2010 : source code released under GPL
The source code of jOpenRay is available. You can browse it or checkout through SVN.


July 20, 2010 : new features added
While cleaning a bit the source code, we added a splah screen for non configured session.
But we thought that it was missing something... so we added a tetris :)

The SSH adapter is working, now by inserting a card, you can be automagically logged on a server trhough SSH.


November 3, 2009 : jOpenRay beta 1, available for download
The first release of jOpenDocument is available. The VNC adapter is not included in this version due to a lack of time to polish it.
We just opened a dedicated google group, your suggestions and feedback will be appreciated.

Here is a small video showing a remote Windows 7 desktop using RDP.


October 20, 2009 : jOpenRay

Here is a video of jOpenRay in action : (flash required)

Content of the video:
- RDP connection to a virtualized (vmware) Windows XP Pro with no card required, authentication is done by login/password
- RDP connection to a Windows XP Pro with card authentication (user is automaticaly logged in by the jOpenRay server)
- VNC (RFB) connection to a Mac Mini running Snow Leopard (with the built-in vnc server)
- VNC (RFB) connection to a low end server running Ubuntu 6.06.
- custom action handled with java code (in this example, a Birthday card to Jonathan Schwartz)

The jOpenRay server is running on a standard PC under Windows XP using the JRE 6.
(cpu usage: <3%, memory usage: 12MB)

jOpenRay doesn't require a dedicated network, all the devices were plugged on a 100Mb ethernet switch.

The server was implemented using the documents provided at http://www.leonerd.org.uk/sunray/ .

It took about 2 weeks to make it works nicely with RDP connections. It will require some days to fix some known issues (VNC performance, ...) and maybe some more to polish it before a release.

We currently have no support for audio and encryption, it will require a better knowledge of the protocol.